IE Undergraduate Curriculum

BSIE Plans of Study

You must check with your academic advisor to decide on the most appropriate degree plan to follow, based on when you entered the Department of Industrial Engineering and your anticipated graduation date.

Humanities and Social Sciences Requirements

Recent Curriculum Changes

Effective Fall 2019

1.    Students completing both ACCT 2013 Accounting Principles and ACCT 2023 Accounting Principles II will be allowed to count ACCT 2023 in place of INEG 2403.
2.    Courses at the 3000 level or above from the Analytics group of the Data Analytics Minor, as listed in the Catalog of Studies, are now approved technical electives.

Effective Fall 2018

1.    INEG 3713 Methods and Standards and INEG 3723 Ergonomics are combined into a new four-hour class,
        INEG 3714 Work Methods and Ergonomics. The total credit hours for the BSIE
        reduced from 128 to 126.
2.    Prerequisites for INEG 4911 and INEG 4923 are changed to allow more co-requisites
        and more strongly enforce some pre-requisites.
3.    No more that four credit hours (as opposed to three) may be based in Honors Thesis.
        Honors Thesis courses include INEG 400VH and two new courses, INEG 3812H and INEG 4812H.

Effective Fall 2017

1.   MATH 3013 is not an approved technical elective.

Effective Fall 2016

1.   INEG 4904 will be offered for the final time in the fall semester of 2016. INEG 4911 will be offered for the first time
       in the second eight weeks of the fall semester of 2016, and INEG 4923 will be offered for the first time in the spring
       semester of 2017. INEG 4911 (fall only) and INEG 4923 (spring only) must be taken in consecutive semesters.
2.   INEG 4723 is changed to INEG 3723
3.   The requirement for either MEEG 2403 Thermodynamics or CHEG 2313 Thermodynamics of Single Component
       Systems is replaced with MEEG 2303 Introduction to Materials.
4.   INEG 2513 Manufacturing Design is replaced by INEG 3513 Manufacturing Processes,
       which has a prerequisite of MEEG 2303.

Effective Fall 2015

1.   INEG 2333 Applied Probability and Statistics for Engineers II is now a pre-requisite for
       INEG 4323 Quality Engineering & Management (instead of senior standing).

The approved technical elective course list has changed (see page 13 of the Undergraduate Handbook).

Effective Fall 2014

1.   INEG 2333 Applied Probability and Statistics for Engineers II is now a pre-requisite for
       INEG 4553 Production Planning and Control.
2.   INEG 2413 Engineering Economic Analysis is now a pre-requisite for INEG 3623 Simulation.
3.   The pre-requisites for INEG 3613 Introduction to Operations Research are now MATH 2574 Calculus III and
       INEG 2103 Introduction to Industrial Engineering.