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BSIE Plans of Study

You must check with your academic advisor to decide on the most appropriate degree plan to follow, based on when you entered the Department of Industrial Engineering and your anticipated graduation date.

Industrial Engineering Course Descriptions

State Minimum Core and General Education Requirements

Resources for Current Undergraduate Students

Industrial Engineering

Recent Curriculum Changes

Effective Fall 2021

1.    To be consistent with changes made in the First-Year Engineering Program:
        a.    PHYS 2054 is moved from the first semester to the second semester.
        b.   The “HIST 2003, HIST 2013 or PLSC 2003” requirement is moved from the second semester to the first semester.
        c.    The First-Year Science Elective in the second semester is now BIOL 1543/1541L and GEOS 1113/1111L

2.    In the fourth semester, INEG 2403 Industrial Cost Analysis is replaced by ACCT 2403 Fundamentals of Accounting for
        Planning and Control.

3.    OPAN 5000-level classes may count as INEG technical electives and as honors hours.

Effective Fall 2020

1.    INEG 2214 Computing Methods for Industrial Engineers I and INEG 2223 Computing Methods for Industrial
        Engineers II are added to the list of required INEG courses in the third and fourth semesters, respectively.

2.    CSCE 2004 Programming Foundations I and ELEG 3903 Circuits and Machines are no longer required for the BSIE.

3.    To facilitate the changes above, INEG 2413 Engineering Economic Analysis is now in the fourth semester and
         MEEG 2303 Introduction to Materials is now in the fifth semester.

4.    GEOS 1133 Earth Science is now an approved basic science elective.

Effective Fall 2019

1.    Students completing both ACCT 2013 Accounting Principles and ACCT 2023 Accounting Principles II will be allowed to
        count ACCT 2023 in place of INEG 2403.

2.    Courses at the 3000 level or above from the Analytics group of the Data Analytics Minor, as listed in the Catalog
        of Studies, are now approved technical electives.