College of Engineering Recognizes Outstanding Faculty and Staff

The College of Engineering recognized outstanding faculty and staff members at a college-wide meeting on Friday, May 2.

Linda Pate, departmental administrative manager for the department of biological and agricultural engineering, received both the Employee of the Semester and the Employee of the Year awards.

Each engineering department also presented Outstanding Teacher, Outstanding Researcher and Outstanding Service to Students awards to members of its faculty. The following faculty received awards:

 College of Engineering Outstanding Teacher
Scott Osborn, biological and agricultural engineering
Kartik Balachandran, biomedical engineering
Bob Beitle, chemical engineering
Ernie Heymsfield, civil engineering
Christophe Bobda, computer science and computer engineering
Jingxian Wu, electrical engineering
Chase Rainwater, industrial engineering
Darin Nutter, mechanical engineering

 College of Engineering Outstanding Researcher
Julie Carrier, biological and agricultural engineering
David Zaharoff, biomedical engineering
Ranil Wickramasinghe, chemical engineering
Julian Fairey, civil engineering
Miaoqing Huang, computer science and computer engineering
Alan Mantooth, electrical engineering
Manuel Rossetti, industrial engineering
Min Zou, mechanical engineering

 College of Engineering Outstanding Service to Students
Yi Liang, biological and agricultural engineering
Jeff Wolchok, biomedical engineering
Greg Thoma, chemical engineering
Rick Coffman, civil engineering
Dale Thompson, computer science and computer engineering
Robert Saunders, electrical engineering
Justin Chimka, industrial engineering
David Albers, mechanical engineering


Camilla Medders, director of communications
College of Engineering


Release date: 5/2/2014