Dagstuhl Grand Challenges for DELS

 Discrete Event Logistics Systems (DELS) are networks of resources through which material flows. Dr. Russell D. Meller and Dr. Scott Mason (Department of Industrial Engineering, University of Arkansas) were among a select group of international researchers who were invited to participate in a workshop held recently in Dagstuhl Germany. The event joined together researchers whose central interest is in modeling, analyzing, and designing discrete event logistics systems and the corresponding decision support systems with researchers from a spectrum of other disciplines whose knowledge and expertise could enable new insights.

The seminar was intended to accelerate progress toward a comprehensive theory and set of engineering practices for designing, planning, operating, and improving discrete event logistics systems. Attendees analyzed the successes and the failures of the past. This retrospective view provided the foundation for a broad-ranging examination of approaches, concepts, methods, and technologies that may propel future progress. The workshop's success will be judged by the future innovative work of its participants, both as individuals and in newly formed collaborations.

Release date: 6/2/2010