Patrick Dougherty

Photo of Patrick DoughertyPatrick completed a virtual internship as an Associate Consultant Intern at Mastercard, based in the Arlington, Virginia office. "Even in the virtual setting, I had opportunities to connect what I’ve learned in class to real business applications."

"Since the internship was remote, the company realized there was an opportunity for me to work on projects outside of the ones based in Arlington, so I actually worked with the Bentonville, AR, Mastercard office for my project"

"My primary client over the internship was Sam’s Club. Using data analytics tools to help them develop targeted marketing for their members, was an extremely interesting and insightful project, and I loved applying my IE skills and working with a local company that I know well."

"Although the internship was remote, I was very impressed with the effort that went into making it seamless for the interns. We had tons of opportunities to meet other interns and full-time employees and often played games over Zoom. The company culture shined bright even remotely, and I had an incredible experience working for Mastercard this summer."