Engineering Students Help Others to Dream Big

 Several engineering students volunteered during spring break to help others "Dream BIG." Thy Dai, sophomore computer science student; Bethany Knight, junior biomedical engineering student; Leah Miramontes, junior civil engineering student; and Elizabeth Tappana, junior industrial engineering student, spent half a day working with teenage girls from the Marvel-Elaine school district.

The engineering students led a hands-on water filter project for the 40 girls, who participated through the Volunteer Action Center's Alternative Spring Break led by Charity Walker, program coordinator.

"We are always so pleased when we can partner with departments on campus," Walker said. "Our girls were engaged and excited about the engineering project. Each new activity our girls participate in helps them dream about their future and all they can accomplish."

The event was sponsored by the Maritime Transportation Research and Education Center, a center funded by the Department of Transportation and awarded to Heather Nachtmann, associate director for research in the College of Engineering.

"It was our pleasure to spend the day with these young women," Nachtmann said. "They are the future of a competitive and productive workforce in engineering and transportation."


Katie Chevrier, communications intern
College of Engineering

Camilla Shumaker, director of communications
College of Engineering

Release date: 4/10/2015