Faculty Recognized for Service to Students

The students of the Industrial Engineering Department held their annual student banquet, March 29th, 2011. During the banquet they recognized faculty members with various awards voted on by the industrial engineering students. Among the honors, Dr. Fant received the “Mother Goose” award and the “Back Breaker” award went to Dr. Rossetti this year. There were co-recipients for the Best Teacher Award for 2010-2011, Dr. Justin Chimka and Dr. C.S. Nam.

The Back Breaker award is given to the faculty member who is seen as the most challenging. It is a large cinder block and is viewed as a badge of honor among the faculty. Dr. Rossetti was very proud to receive the award. The Mother-Goose award is given to the faculty member who tells the best stories or really takes care of the students. Dr. Fant was delighted at being chosen for this award.

Release date: 6/6/2011