New Honors College Grant Supports Faculty, Undergraduate Research

Sarah Nurre and Sarah HernandezSarah Nurre, assistant professor, industrial engineering and Sarah V. Hernandez, assistant professor, civil engineering, received a grant from the Honors College for their collaborative research. This grant is part of the almost $60,000 in grants awarded to faculty across campus to promote undergraduate research and honors student researchers working in a broad range of disciples. Titled: Honors College Faculty Equipment and Technology Grants, these grants will help faculty purchase specialized equipment or technology that will transform their undergraduate research programs.

Nurre and Hernandez’s research focuses on scarce truck parking and hours-of-service regulation, two of the top 10 concerns in the trucking industry. The proposed research will quantify how hours-of-service limits impact parking and recommend enhancements to the capacity and locations of parking to ensure safe and timely delivery of goods.


“The goal with these new grants is to help our faculty get the tools they need to carry out rigorous undergraduate research programs,” said Lynda Coon, dean of the Honors College. “Our honors professors are already doing a tremendous job mentoring undergraduate researchers – this grant will help them take those research opportunities to the next level.”

The new grant is funded by a portion of the $300 million gift made by the Walton Family Charitable Support Foundation in 2002. The grants are designed to help tenured and tenure-track faculty individually, or in teams, purchase specialized equipment or technology that will make a transformational difference in their undergraduate research programs. For more information visit the Honors College website.

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