Industrial Engineering Alumnus Receives International Recognition

Dr. Dave Wyrick, Dr. Brian Smith, Dr. Joette Sonnenberg and Dr. Heather Nachtmann


Recent doctoral graduate, Brian Smith was recognized by the American Society for Engineering Management for his dissertation titled “An Empirical Investigation of Supply Chain Excellence in Healthcare” at the ASEM’s 33rd International Annual Conference, in Virginia Beach, VA.

Assistant Professor of Engineering Management & Systems Engineering at Missouri University of Science and Technology, and alumnus of the Industrial Engineering Department at the University of Arkansas, College of Engineering. Dr. Smith’s interest in complex analysis of the healthcare supply chain led to his dissertation. The insights gained from this work provide valuable knowledge to healthcare supply chain researchers and practitioners. His research was funded in large part by the Center for Innovation in Healthcare Logistics ( at the University of Arkansas.

“I am very proud of Brian and the work that we have done together. Receipt of the 2012 Engineering Management Dissertation Award will have tremendous impact on his academic career and provide great recognition of his early contributions to engineering management,” said Dr. Heather Nachtmann, Advisor.

Release date: 10/23/2012