What is Industrial Engineering?

Industrial engineers encourage people to collaborate and help businesses, laboratories and other institutions run more smoothly.

We have all experienced situations that could use the skills of an industrial engineer: long lines at the bank, paperwork that gets lost in the mail, stores that run out of products.

Industrial engineers are often called “big picture” engineers, because they look at systems as a whole and come up with ways to improve them. They help people accomplish tasks safely, quickly and cost effectively.

As an industrial engineer, you could design warehouses that store goods more efficiently, or you might use ergonomics to make workplaces safer for employees. You could even work at amusement parks, finding ways to move customers more easily through long lines. Industrial engineers can be found working in hospitals, banks, airline companies and government agencies. 

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Bryan HillI.E. Alum Recipient of the Geren Award for Excellence

The winners of the 2017 Collis R. Geren award for excellence in graduate education

 Industrial Engineering Capstone Symposium to be held May 3

Teams of industrial engineering students have spent the past year working with local companies, including Tyson and J.B. Hunt

 2017 Industrial Engineering Annual Student Awards Banquet

Fifty-one students received scholarships at the banquet.

 I.E. Students Collaborate in this Short Takes video on Retail Innovation

The McMillon Innovation Studio will feature collaborative research on the integration between physical and digital shopping, operations, logistics, buying and merchandising.

Ashleigh HegwoodRecent I.E. Graduate Selected as 2017 Razorback Classic

The pinnacle of the Arkansas Alumni Association Awards Program

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Industrial Engineering Global Study Opportunities

Opportunities exist for Industrial Engineering students to enhance their educational experience

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