What is Industrial Engineering?

Industrial engineers encourage people to collaborate and help businesses, laboratories and other institutions run more smoothly.

We have all experienced situations that could use the skills of an industrial engineer: long lines at the bank, paperwork that gets lost in the mail, stores that run out of products.

Industrial engineers are often called “big picture” engineers, because they look at systems as a whole and come up with ways to improve them. They help people accomplish tasks safely, quickly and cost effectively.

As an industrial engineer, you could design warehouses that store goods more efficiently, or you might use ergonomics to make workplaces safer for employees. You could even work at amusement parks, finding ways to move customers more easily through long lines. Industrial engineers can be found working in hospitals, banks, airline companies and government agencies. 

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Industrial Engineering Students Recognized with Department Awards

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Engineering Dean's Excellence Awards Honor Faculty for Teaching, Research, Service

Photo of Kelly SullivanKelly Sullivan, earned the Rising Teaching Award. He effectively and innovatively delivers a variety of industrial engineering courses, is a leader in the development and implementation of the Industrial Engineering Honors Research Experience, and is an outstanding mentor of graduate and undergraduate students.

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College of Engineering faculty and staff members were honored for their achievements in teaching, research and service during the 2019-20 academic year during the college's faculty and staff meeting May 1.

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