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Sandra D. Eksioglu

Sandra D. Eksioglu

Hefley Professor in Logistics and Entrepreneurship


(INEG)-Industrial Engineering

Phone: 479-575-6042

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Sandra D. Eksioglu is the John M. and Marie G. Hefley Professor in Logistics and Entrepreneurship. She received her PhD in industrial and systems engineering from the University of Florida. Prior to joining the University of Arkansas, Dr. Eksioglu was a faculty member at Mississippi State and Clemson Universities.   

Dr. Eksioglu’s expertise is in the areas of operations research, network optimization, and algorithmic development. She uses these tools to develop models and solution algorithms for solving large-scale problems that arise in the areas of transportation, logistics, and supply chain. She is an active member of ASEE, IISE and INFORMS. 

Research Methods:

  • Network optimization  
  • Stochastic optimization
  • Bi-level optimization
  • Multi-criteria optimization

Application Areas:

  • Energy systems
  • Health care  
  • Transportation systems

INEG 4633: Transportation Logistics

Ph.D., University of Florida, 2002, Industrial and Systems Engineering

M.S., Mediterranean Agronomic Institute of Chania(MAICh), 1996, Economics and Management Sciences

B.S., University of Tirana, 1994, Business Administration


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Books Chapters and Monographs

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Refereed Journal Publications

  • Aboytes-Ojeda, M., K. Castillo, S.D. Eksioglu “Modeling and Optimization of Biomass Quality Variability for Decision Support Systems in Biofuel Production,” To appear in Annals of Operations Research.  
  • Karimi, H., S.D. Eksioglu, M. Carbajales-Dale “A Biobjective Chance-Constraint Optimization Model to Evaluate the Environmental and Economic Impacts of Biopower Supply Chains,” To appear in Annals of Operations Research.
  • Azadi, Z., S.D. Eksioglu, B. Eksioglu, G. Palak “A Two-Stage Stochastic Model for Joint Pricing Inventory Replenishment with Deteriorating Products,” Computers & IE, 127, 625-642 (2019).
  • Azadi, Z. H. Gangammanavar, S.D. Eksioglu “Stochastic Optimization of Vaccine Vial Replenishment,” To appear in Annals of Operations Research.
  • Wang, S., H. Gangammanavar, S.D. Eksioglu, S. Mason “Stochastic Optimization for Energy Management in Power Systems with Multiple Microgrids,” To appear in IEEE Transactions on Smart Grid.
  • Palak, G. S.D. Eksioglu, J. Geunes “Heuristic Algorithms for the Inventory Replenishment Problem with Perishable Products and Multiple Transportation Modes,” IISE Transactions,50(4), 345-365 (2018). (Best Application Paper in the IISE Transactions Focus Issue on Scheduling and Logistics for 2019).
  • Karimi, H., S.D. Eksioglu, A. Khademi “Analyzing Tax Incentives for Producing Renewable Energy by Biomass Cofiring”, IISE Transactions, 50(4), 332-344 (2018). Featured in the March 2018 issue of ISE Magazine).    
  • Castillo, K. S.D. Eksioglu “Integrating Biomass Quality Variability in Stochastic Supply Chain Modeling and Optimization for Robust Biofuel Production,” Journal of Cleaner Production, 149, 904-918 (2017).
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  • John M. and Marie G. Hefley Professorship in Logistics and Enterpreneurship, University of Arkansas (2019) 
  • Honorable Mention: ENRE Best Publication in Natural Resources (H. Karimi, S.D. Eksioglu, A. Khademi) (2019)
  • Dean’s Associate Professorship, Clemson University (2018)
  • Best Application Paper, IISE Transactions Focus Issue on Scheduling and Logistics (G. Palak, S.D. Eksioglu, J. Geunes) (2019)
  • Best Application Paper, IISE Transactions Focus Issue on Scheduling and Logistics (S.D. Eksioglu, H. Karimi, B. Eksioglu) (2018)
  • Research Papers Featured in September 2016 & March 2018 Issues of ISE Magazine 
  • Best Student Paper Award, Health Systems Track of IISE (2018)
  • ASEE-SE Mid-Career Teaching Award, ASEE-SE Section (2015)
  • Inducted to BCoE Academy of Distinguished Teachers, Mississippi State University (MSU) (2012) 
  • Outstanding Graduate Student Mentor, MSU Alumni Association (2012) 
  • Faculty Appreciation Honoree, BCoE Office of Diversity, MSU (2012) 
  • CAREER Award, National Science Foundation (2011) 
  • INFORMS Moving Spirit Award for Chapters, INFORMS (2010)
  • StatePride Faculty Award, MSU (2010)
  • BCoE Hearin Faculty Excellence Award, MSU (2010, 2012)
  • ISE Outstanding Faculty Research Paper Award, MSU (2008, 2010, 2014)
  • Visiting Industrial Scholar Award, Oak Ridge Associated Universities (2009)
  • Research Initiation Grant, Office of Research and Economic Development, MSU (2005).