• Override Form PDF
    NOTE:  For all INEG courses, use this electronic override form for changes to enrollment and overrides inside the department. This form MAY NOT be used for classes taken outside of the College of Engineering. Please right click and select "save" or "save as to download" and fill out this form in Adobe Reader. 

              Please save the file name like this:   Last Name, First Name - INEG ####

Completely fill out the form (including Class number and Course number, which you can find in UAConnect or the Schedule of Classes), and the reason you’re requesting an override. Email completed form to the instructor of the course, with any additional explanation, as needed.

(You will need to input the email of the instructor. Be sure to have it ready!)

Your override will be processed AFTER your enrollment date/time. At that time, you will be enrolled in the class.

If you have any questions email: Carrie Pennington @

        Failure to follow directions may result in delay and/or rejection.