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Welcome to Industrial Engineering and congratulations on selecting a discipline that will prepare you for a rewarding and relevant professional career for a lifetime! The department faculty and staff are committed to your success while you are a student at the University of Arkansas and beyond.

You likely have many questions about opportunities available to you within the department and about meeting all degree requirements to graduate on time. This online handbook is here to help answer many, if not all, of your questions. Please review it and refer to it regularly throughout your academic studies to help keep you on track. If there is something that you don’t understand or is not clear in the handbook, then please contact your advisor.

Dr. Tish Pohl, Associate Department Head, and Dr. Richard Cassady, Undergraduate Program Studies Chair, are also available to assist you.

Wishing you a successful experience here in Industrial Engineering!

All the best,

Dr. Chase Rainwater
Department Head - Industrial Engineering

Program Information

How to...

Engineering students choose a major in the spring semester of their freshman year or upon transferring to the University. Students who have not completed MATH 2554 Calculus I are advised by the First-Year Engineering Program (FEP). These students are required to enroll in the courses necessary to complete their FEP requirements; however, they can also enroll in industrial engineering courses for which they have the pre-requisites. Transfer students desiring to enroll in the IE Undergraduate Program are handled on a case-by-case basis. Generally, the student’s transfer course work must fulfill the requirements of the First-Year Engineering Program (FEP) in order to be admitted into the IE Undergraduate Program.

  • Develop a preliminary schedule for the next term using the BSIE Eight-Semester Plans below as a guide. Classes offered for the next term can be found by logging in to your UAConnect account or by viewing the online Schedule of Classes
  • UAConnect’s “Schedule Planner” tool is very useful in developing feasible schedules. Online Schedule Planner help guides and videos are available.
  • Schedule an appointment with your advisor using UASuccess, which is accessed by logging into Blackboard Learn and clicking on the Assist Link. Come prepared for your appointment by bringing a list of classes you plan to take the next term. Your advisor will guide you on course selection and will release your advising hold in UAConnect.
  • Logon to UAConnect and select your classes.

Plans of study for the Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering Degree:

It is stongly recommended that students maintain an individual semester-by-semester plan that takes them to graduation. This plan can be reviewed and adjusted as needed at each advising meeting.

Transfer credits are subject to a two-stage evaluation process at the university, as described in the Catalog of Studies. Credits found to be eligible for general transfer may not necessarily count toward the requirements for a BSIE.

Transfer students entering the industrial engineering department will meet with their advisor to determine which transfer credits satisfy degree requirements. The Associate Department Head will evaluate any new transfer classes and resolve questions on how credits will be applied to the BSIE.

Some transfer course decisions will be evaluated by the Undergraduate Studies Committee. Results of these evaluations will be reflected on the student’s degree check form and in the UAConnect Degree Audit system, and written documentation of the decision will be maintained in the department.

Current students wishing to take a course at another college, transfer the course and have it apply to the BSIE should ensure BEFORE they take the course that it transfers as the exact course number needed. This can be done using the online transfer Course Equivalency website.

Refer any questions to your academic advisor.

Course substitutions are processed depending on the nature of the required course. Substitutions for courses required by the College are requested via student petition to the College Curriculum Committee. Substitutions for courses required by the Department are requested via student petition to the Department’s Undergraduate Studies Committee.

Possible Reasons to Petition:

  1. Request approval of non-approved technical and science electives
  2. Request substitution of a course for a required IE course only under extra-ordinary circumstances

How to Petition:

    1. Speak to your advisor concerning the petition
    2. If your advisor recommends proceeding, then email your petition to the current Chair of the
    3. IE Undergaduate Studies Committee, Dr. Richard Cassady (cassady@uark.edu).

Your petition should include the following:

  1. Name and student number
  2. Date of petition
  3. Current academic rank
  4. Expected year and semester of graduation
  5. Description of petition request
  1. Brief description of what you want the committee to consider
  2. The course descriptions of the courses involved in the petition
  3. The committee may ask you to supply syllabi if necessary to the decision
  4. If you are petitioning for a technical, computer, engineering science, or science electives, please give your other pertinent electives in the same area.
  5. If you are petitioning for a technical elective or science elective, please provide a list of your other electives in the same area.


  1. We generally do not give approval to courses that you have already taken and that you now want to substitute. Petition before you take the course, not after!
  2. The approval applies only to the individual student involved in the petition. Just because a petition has been approved for one of your friends it does not mean that it also applies to you!

During pre-registration for the fall semester of the sophomore year (occurring in March/April of the first year), First-Year Engineering students who have declared IE as their major are advised by the Undergraduate Academic Advisor, who will assist students in selecting appropriate courses from the departmental curriculum.

Academic Advising for all IE students is done during September/October for the following spring registration and during February/March for the following summer/fall registration.

Important: Students must schedule an advising appointment using the online tool in UASuccess and come prepared for their advising appointment by bringing a list of classes they plan to take in the following term(s). Use the appropriate eight-semester plan as a guide. The advisor will check prerequisite requirements and counsel the student on selection of courses. Academic advisors clear a student’s advising hold in UAConnect only after their study plan has been reviewed and approved.

Students are then able to enroll in courses online using the UAConnect registration system, but only on or after the enrollment date indicate in the student’s UAConnect account. See “Register for Classes” on this page for further information.

Degree Checks

Upon admission to the industrial engineering program, a degree check form is created for the student. The degree check form indicates which requirements the student has completed towards their degree program.

Before each semester’s advising period, the degree check is updated based on the student’s completed course work. The degree check form is used by advisors and students to understand what program requirements are remaining. The student degree check form should agree with the information in the Degree Audit, which can be accessed through the student UAConnect account.

The definitive source for student graduation requirements is the University of Arkansas Catalog of Studies. Graduation requirements are specified at the university, college, and department level. The student is responsible for understanding and checking that the appropriate graduation requirements for their situation are being met. The Catalog of Studies delineates such procedures and requirements as:

  • Grades and Marks
  • Undergraduate Grade Exclusion Policy
  • Academic Probation, Suspension, and Dismissal
  • Graduation Requirements

Note: There is a limit on the number of “D” hours that can be applied toward a degree. For students entering the college in fall 2014 or later, only 8 hours of “D” credit can be applied to a BSIE.

When a student is approximately one year from their anticipated graduation date, they should contact their advisor and request a degree review. The purpose of this degree review is to determine those course requirements needed for graduation. In case of disputes and/or disagreements regarding credit, requirements, and/or curricula, appeal is to the Department’s Undergraduate Studies Committee.

Graduation Application Deadlines:

    • Spring – March 1

Students must apply by the deadline to be included in the spring commencement program.

    • Summer – July 1
    • Fall – October 1

Students must apply by the deadline to be included in the fall commencement program.

How do I apply to graduate?

Current students can apply for graduation through their Student homepage in UAConnect after they have completed at least 90 hours. For instructions, please see Applying to Graduate.

When applying for graduation, your “graduation term” is the term in which you complete all required coursework. For example, if you will complete your coursework in the summer, but wish to participate in the spring commencement, you may do so. However, you will have a spring commencement and a summer graduation date.
Please note your diploma will be sent six to eight weeks following the last day of classes.

Requirements to Graduate with Distinction

IE students who have not completed the IE Honors Program but have demonstrated excellent academic performance will be recognized at graduation by the designation of “with distinction”, “with high distinction”, or “with highest distinction”.

To earn these designations, the student must meet the following criteria on their University of Arkansas coursework.

  • The student must have completed at least one-half of his or her degree work at the University of Arkansas.
  • For “with distinction”, the student must achieve a GPA of 3.60 or higher.
  • For “with high distinction”, the student must achieve a GPA of 3.75 or higher.
  • For “with highest distinction”, the student must achieve a GPA of 3.90 or higher

IE students who are withdrawing from the University of Arkansas or are transferring to another major at the University of Arkansas must make an appointment for an exit interview with the Department Head.

Please check with a staff member or Ashley Reeves, ayoungbl@uark.edu